UX engagement at Unilever

My previous role at Unilever was to bring in and establish a new UX understanding and approach to adapt UX principals and recommendations across Online user tools for internal and external users. In all a wonderful experience working in Port Sunlight and making new friends around the Globe. But pleasing also to understand that the likes of Unilever being such a huge Global company are wanting to engage and change their approach and treat an end user and work with them to gain their feedback through, good UX and UI design and treat the end user as a human not a machine.

Coast and Boats Book

Here is a page showing an ongoing development of a project I have worked on for many years. David Hillhouse who was a wonderful painter and my first Manager at the Williamson Art Gallery based in Oxton, Birkenhead, sadly has passed on, wrote and researched all the stories based on historical factual content around the Northwest. These stories will be fascinating as to the material David managed to discover while relating the stories to my photographs. These two books are really snapshots of what I would really like to publish and redesign into one book when funds or a sponsor could be found. The original concept was to tour the book and an exhibition of the photographs around the Northwest with David providing talks about some of the historical stories he has uncovered. Sadly this will not happen, but as memory to David I am wanting to publish the book and let others read and see the images we have paired together in a fascinating journey around the Coastline and Peninsula.

Coast and Boats link




Magento Ecommerce Web delivery

• Digital Project Management of Ecommerce teams
• Magento software delivery across creative, development and SEO teams.
• Project planning using Teamworks, Scope, GitHub
• Account management, strategy development around process delivery using Agile
• Implentation of process delivery across all streams of business teams.
• Management across creative, development and SEO teams.

Merseytravel - Spaceport (Seacombe) - Time Travellers Exhibition

Dr Who - Time Travellers Exhibition

Date: March – May 2013 

Merseytravel - Spaceport (Seacombe) - Time Travellers Exhibition
Exhibition design and delivery

• Digital Project delivery for themed Dr Who TV series exhibition
• Project coordinator and designer
• Development of new brand and partnership        
• Storyboard animation with 3rd party animation to budget requirements
• Planning and management of Budget and schedule
• Management of resources and third party agencies, (Photography, 3D Animation, Sound)
• Management and support of stakeholders

Time Travellers Exhibition - Spaceport - Merseytravel 

The brief was to supply a new exhibition within 3 months at Spaceport’s venue in Seacombe. 'Time Travellers' exhibition was born with an array of fantastic Dr Who characters from across the Galaxy!. The exhibition boasts an intergalactic host of amazing exhibits including a replica TARDIS, Cybermen, a Sontaran, K9 and ever-terrifying life size Daleks, along with a monster making station! Supplying 3D animations and exhibition panels, cross-branded with Dr Who and Spaceport, the space provides an insight into each of the formidable characters, and history of their beginnings. Sound and lighting create an atmosphere for visitors of all ages to experience the Time Travellers theme.  With replica Dr Who costume characters ranging from the 1970’s to the present day, there will be something to thrill every generation of Time Lord.
Time Travellers WEB Link


Barclays mobile insurance site

Date: May 2012 – Feb 2013

Software Project Delivery

• Digital Project delivery using Agile/Scrum.
• Delivery and input of multiple projects across major financial corporate organisations i.e. Barclays, Lloyds, Halifax, Nationwide, Co-op, Bank of Scotland
• IOS and Android content delivery for Mobile devices. 
• Management planning and schedule of Web/software across UX/UI development and migration – MS Project
• Management and support of Web Team and 3rd party suppliers across multiple projects and deadlines. Budget £250,000 - £400,000
• Management of Test Teams using tracking software Jira and Bugzilla to record development issues and bugs.
• Delivery of modules across stakeholder requirements and clients Sharepoint Portal 
• Delivery of projects using Magento front end. (.php) CMS, Middleware with bespoke custom built software, linking through to legacy MySQL database 
• Google Analytics setup for Lloyds, Halifax Bank of Scotland, monitoring and reporting across new site launches 
• Planning and training written content technique and practices through site and page journey’s for Marketing Team

BBC Media City

BBC Audit

Date: Feb 2012 – April 2012

BBC Media City – Salford - GAMES GRID
Digital Business - Audit Analysis

• Audit and analysis of all BBC interactive content across all major Products
• Provide analytical detail through external and internal tools ie. Istats
• Test content and document with future outcomes and recommendations
• SEO and search capabilities across external and BBC internal search criteria 
• Analysis of Search criteria and keywords across Google and Yahoo

Olympic Exhibition

Olympic Exhibition panel

Date: Jan 2012 – March 2012

Olympic Exhibition - UK Border and Customs Agency and Merseyside Maritime Museum 

Producing a new exhibition and concept to celebrate and show the different aspects HM are involved with the Olympic's story 

• Client National Museums – Maritime / HMRC
• Concept and design of Olympic Exhibition showing the roles the Border Agency has provided throughout the years.
• Working with LOCOG and HMRC stakeholders.
• Design and delivery of Steve Redgrave exhibition and Olympic Gold display.

FDM (Liverpool)


Date: Dec 2011 – Jan 2012

FDM (Liverpool)
Digital Business Analysis

• Affiliates Business analysis of sites and UX journeys for bespoke social networks software. 
• Research and technical knowledge across search engines 
• Multi Platform development and compliance to browser configuration and user software usage.
• Configuration and user journey testing for IOS platform, iPad, iPhone and Android 
• Analysis of Search criteria and keywords across Google and Yahoo

HMRC - Albert Einstein's landing card

Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein's landing card - landing card marking Albert Einstein's visit to England in May 1933. 

Design and production of Exhibition panels showing Albert Einsteins landing card marking Albert Einstein's arrival at Dover on 26 May 1933 from Ostende, Belgium. He states his occupation as professor and nationality Swiss. On the reverse he states to immigration officers he is bound for Oxford.
Albert Einstein WEB Link

WRG Communications

Date: March 2011 – Dec 2011

WRG Communications (Manchester)

• Digital Project Management and establishing concept, project schedule, budget and planning across digital platforms / campaigns plus managing Zen server and hosting technology and software. 
• Management of Digital Team and recruitment of new members.
• Clients included - Astra Zeneca £250,000 - £750,000, GSK, Adidas, Shell, Man Utd, SMILE – Co-op bank, Merck Serono - £50,000, Nokia, Linde - £15,000
• Development of Strategy for Yahoo and Google Adword campaigns for Merck Serono across a new site launch
• Multilingual Web Project Management for UK / UI, CMS, SEO, PPC Campaigns
• Bespoke projects and client liaison on critical path projects using Agile / Gantt planning and scheduling
• Employing and management of developers across PHP.NET, Flash, IOS projects, CMS systems 
• Use of Basecamp and GIT for software and project delivery
• Development of software management solutions and R&D portal.

HMRC - Whiskey Galore Exhibition

Whisky Galore


Whiskey Galore Exhibition - UK Border and Customs Agency and Merseyside Maritime Museum Archives and Library 

Design and exhibition panels to mark the 70th anniversary of the stranding of the 'SS Politician'.  She was carrying a mixed cargo including 28,000 cases of malt whisky. The story of the stranding was later immortalised in the book 'Whisky Galore' by Compton Mackenzie and the Ealing comedy film of the same name. It remains the subject of much speculation and mystery. 
Whisky Galore WEB Link